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           It is indeed heartening for me to address all of you through this Portal, as Chairman.

Kerala Public Service Commission is a prominent constitutional body with multifarious functions as to conduct meritorious selections, promotion of State Service officers by dint of Departmental Promotion Committees and tender authentic advice on disciplinary matters to the Government, thereby   play an effective role to make the State Civil Service healthy. Kerala PSC is vested with the arduous assignment of recruitment to State Government posts, PSUs and all Universities. Current statistics on our business shows that the number of job-seekers approached Kerala PSC has crossed 3 crores, exceeding past years’ records.

Since Kerala Public Service Commission is over-strained with numerous entrustments, we are forced to embrace extensive automation and mechanization to achieve precision and promptness via harnessing the man-mechanism relationship. The welcome steps taken by the State Government for full   automation by eventual extinction of old systems paved the way for Kerala PSC’s enhanced eminence.

Speedy selection is the obvious merit of the present-day patterns of Kerala PSC. Amidst this speed, we are bound to safeguard justice and prevent miscarriage of justice. We exercise no discretion and we don’t have any liberal tradition. The extant rules and other statutory principles necessitate absolute rigidity in the conscious adherence of valid law.

          Undoubtedly candidates are our prime beneficiaries. They must take utmost care in endowing their candidature online. Inaccuracies, fraudulent figures and non-disclosure of pivotal information often vitiate the most solemn transactions with the Commission. Unseemly applications are self-defeating ones, warranting rejection in any stage of selection. A candidate’s truthful profile can dodge delay, rejection and reduce chances of litigation. Of course, grievances come up, but the Commission has to realise them through its checks and balances. Only those who pay ultimate attention while applying become acceptable and they are placed according to their merit in the written/oral examination. So I remind   all the job aspirants and parents behind them, to be very vigilant to accomplish their attempts for employment.

Rapid changes transpire the scenario of education day by day. Admittedly, title and stream of voluminous courses piloted by various Universities are not enshrined in the Special Rules framed by the State Government, whereas our notifications invariably portray the very same qualifications envisaged in the Special Rules. The situation certainly poses difficulty to applicants who are bestowed with the attributes of modern curricula. They probably think Kerala PSC stands antagonistic to the innovations of contemporary learning. To circumvent this stigma, decision makers of Universities/ institutions/ Technical Directorate / Collegiate Education shall have to sit together with the Government and Public Service Commission to make necessary additions to the Special Rules to accommodate new academic courses. I promise that remedial feats in this behalf will be sorted out shortly.

           Kerala PSC, with its dynamic dimensions, is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee this year. I salute the entire staff fraternity and Commission, those who already stepped out and in, for being where we are today. Presently we have altogether 1650 employees and a Commission, comprising the Chairman and 20 Members.

          To conclude, I highlight the word- “TEAM,” consisting the complete staff having unequaled efficiency and the Members of the Commission having consummate capability to derive right decisions, is behind all our accomplishments.



Advocate M.K.Sakeer


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